Her Story – A Womanist Perspective on Mary (in her own words) – Ermelinda Makkimane

Her Story in her own words….Who wouldn’t want to know the inner workings of the mind of one of the greatest and gentlest souls to have walked the planet? Knowing Mary on her own terms as a woman who thought deeply and acted on her beliefs is something like a balm to our souls. This inspired poetic account of Mary’s life gives a glimpse into her struggles during

  • her teenage pregnancy
  • her marriage to an older man
  • her life in Nazareth
  • her motherhood to a hugely blessed (read: rebellious) son
  • her witness to the turbulence in her son’s ministry
  • her presence at his death
  • her life post-Resurrection

This seemingly “Christian” tale resonates with lessons for all who seek…

Here’s what the author Braz Menezes of the MATATA TRILOGY has to say after reading this debut work:

I bought this Kindle version on Amazon Kindle in 90 seconds.

I can only describe it as an immaculate concept. A beautiful reconstruct of a well known story, exquisitely described from a woman’s POV, or in the author’s words “a poetic account of Mary’s life gives a glimpse into her struggles during her teenage pregnancy, her life in Nazareth, in her son’s ministry and his death, and of her life post-resurrection.”

A pleasure to read. Keep writing, Ermelinda Makkimane.

For whom is this book? Who should buy it?

Even a poetically challenged reader can easily find their way around this book. A student of literature and feminism has a lot to infer from the portrayal of a strong female character. As also do women’s groups. This book is ideal for contemplative meditation as several Biblical instances are referred to thereby drawing the reader to their own personal insights.

So what’s the take away from this reading?

A calmer you. Why? Because someone who has been there, in that difficult situation, never cowed down. Read it aloud for better poetic understanding and effect. And may you reach that place of  mercy and “timelessness,/less of a place and more a space/of boundlessness, abundance, overflowing.