Herbal Infused skincare: How to use herbs and flowers for glowing skin – Carrie Scharf

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Making your own skincare does not have to be overwhelming. It can be simple and your skin can be glowing and beautiful. You don’t have to use ingredients whose names you can’t pronounce. And best of all, it can be fun! This book is for those who want to create their own herbal plant based skincare. It is in three parts: a how to section, a plants and other ingredients section and a recipes section. At the very end is a “my recipes” section for those who would like to personalize their recipes. In this book we will be making cleansing powders (aka cleansing grains) for your face and body, body powders, bath soaks, hair masks, conditioners, oils, hydrosols, vinegars, face cream, makeup and steam facials.