Hero For A Day: A Bedtime Story Picture Book for Kids Ages 3-5 years and above: A fun read aloud tale for children with a good moral lesson about never giving up. – Sammie Wu

Never give up on your dreams. This book is all about that!
Read the story of a young worm called Tom who really, really wants to be a super hero! Sadly some real super heroes tell him he can’t be one and so he goes on a long interesting journey to be – a hero for a day!

A really fun read along story book that will be enjoyable to read to any kid
This book is guaranteed to be a fun read for the kids with lovely rhymes and a great story with a strong message that anyone can achieve their dreams, as long as they never give up.
Kids will learn perseverance, persistence and that being nice may get you more than you bargained for as well as get you one more step closer to achieving your dreams.

A very entertaining read for parents and kids
This book will be loads of fun as it has:
-Rich and Colorful pages to capture the attention of the kids
-Fun to read as the story is written in a rhyming fashion
-The characters in the picture also speak (comic style speech bubbles) in simple sentences, convenient for early readers to read and follow
-Art is the best way to engage the kids so there is an added bonus chapter where the kids will learn how to draw the main character of the book (Tom the Worm in his hero costume!)
-And there’s a free audio book version of the book available for download as well

Will Tom the Worm be a hero for a day?
Load this eBook on your kindle to find out!