Hi, Buddy! There’s a Fly in my Book – A fun bedtime story for children ages 3-5 and above: A level 1 reading tale for Kids – Elisa Anderson

Get this fun filled interactive story book for your kids by age 3 to 5 and beyond!
Oscar is a book worm that wants to show your kid, (yes, your kid) just how smart he is, by telling him or her, what he has learnt from the many, many books he has read.
But a pesky little fly prevents him from going any further!
Fun interactive funny bedtime book for children!
The characters of this book break through the pages of the book so to speak so as to engage with your kids and make them a part of the story!.
So how does Oscar deal with the troublesome little fly? Find out as you and your kid read this fun interactive story!

This book is suitable for early readers in preschool. It is an enjoyable short bedtime story for kids. It is suitable for I can read level 1, I can read level 2, I can read level 3 and I can read level 4 readers. Enjoy this read aloud picture book with your kids!