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Hidden in a Small Town – Stacy Wray

She’s being attacked, losing her footing as she falls to the dusty ground littered with pine needles. Scurrying like a crab, she attempts to stand and then… nothing.

A cold sweat trickles down Slater Montgomery’s spine as he struggles to control his breathing. It’s

been years since he’s felt them – years since he’s seen them. The visions which nearly destroyed his

childhood. Back then, ignorance and getting high were his allies, providing a false sense of security.

Now? He can’t get her out of his head. The girl with the wild curls and fear-riddled eyes – the girl of

his dreams.

Except, Slater knows this is no dream. It’s too real, too raw. The details, her emotion… before he

can convince himself not to, Slater finds himself packing a bag and leaving his picturesque Wyoming

home in search of the woman haunting his every waking moment. He just needs to see her once,

just to be certain she’s safe. Just to be sure he’s not losing his mind.

What Slater imagined to be impossible – actually finding the mysterious woman – proves to be just

the beginning. As secrets are exposed, Slater finds himself trapped in a web darker than he ever

could have imagined. One which he’s not quite sure either of them will survive.

It started as a vision. A dream-like scene flashing through his mind. The ending?

A nightmare.