High, Wide, and Handsome – An American Journey – Julian Bishop

British-born US resident, Julian Bishop, is at an inflection point. His children have left home, and he and his wife must figure out what they want to do next. They travel coast-to-coast across the USA and explore whether they truly want to be American.

High, Wide, and Handsome is an extremely witty travel book that seeks to understand American culture. It explores why the USA has been so successful since independence and also identifies some issues that should be addressed. In a world where America’s political leaders are widely ridiculed, the book acts as an antidote to the narrative that everything American is broken. It is an essential read for anybody interested in America.

Using Amazon reviews from around the world, who would like this book?
Readers who are missing travel
“If you’ve missed travelling for the last 12 months this very readable book will give you your next wanderlust fix”

“It’s been a great antidote to lockdown life”
“A lockdown must read”
“Reading this book is like a journey overseas from your living room, with a thoughtful and funny guide pointing out those observations”
People who like humor
“Written with wit and insight this book is enjoyable on many level”
“ It left me occasionally weeping with laughter, and sometimes grinding my teeth in disagreement, but I did enjoy every page”
“An eclectic, informative and very, very funny journey around the US”
“Super fun read and a clever and witty romp across the US and through 400 years of US history”
“Quick-hitting (and witty) narrative that held my attention and drove me to finish the book as quickly as any I’ve read in the past 10 years”
Immigrants to the US
“If you are an immigrant, you will say to yourself you had the exact same questions”
“A must read for anyone visiting or planning to relocate to the US from any European or Commonwealth nation!”
”This is an objective analysis of what it means to immigrate to America and embrace it unconditionally, for what it is, the land of opportunity
People who like traveling to America
“Makes me want to go back to the States”
“Fascinating insight into American history, education, and politics”
”Full of optimism in difficult times”
”A British lens on America”
”As a fan of all things British, I loved seeing America through English eyes”
”The book reveals a beautiful land and how its people became great”
What’s it similar to?
“Really different from other books I’ve read”
“The United Kingdom’s answer to Bill Bryson”
“If Palin, Portillo and Macintyre wrote a book”