Hollow Bible – Connor de Bruler

Hollow Bible by Connor de Bruler is a first-hand account of the life of Basil Shaver. With his gun stored away inside of a hollowed-out King James Bible, he writes his story on a series of yellow legal pads while squatting in a coastal motel amid the onset of a category-five hurricane. Fueled by sorrow and desperation, he reflects on being sold into sex slavery as a child, his days running drugs along the South Carolina coast for an Eastern-European criminal organization, rescuing the love of his life, and his nationwide spree of loanshark robberies.

“Hollow Bible elevates the lurid subject matter from glamorized shock to real poetry…a thorny vine that grows through a lava field. Violence, drugs, and filth, de Bruler does it better than most.”
— Paul d Miller, Albrecht Drue, Ghostpuncher

“Try to look away.”
— Jesse McKinnell, Anarchy and Other Lies