Home – Leo Jai

Meet Adam Svenson – a young man who has just been sentenced to prison. Through his reminiscences we learn that his love for the oceans has taken him from life as a rookie deckhand on a fishing trawler to crew member on an ominous black whale-chaser; trapping elusive pods of orcas in the waters off Washington state.

A parallel tale of two young orcas, Persia and Tristesse, follows their journey from capture to a life in captivity at a California marine park venture called Waterworld.

The loose weave of the connection between orcas and storyteller steadily tightens as the story unfolds. Adam is increasingly haunted by an enigmatic contact with a mystic whale, which seems to be drawing him on a journey of spiritual awakening.

All is not as it seems, and Adam’s tale takes an unexpected twist.

Set against a lush spiritual and metaphysical backdrop, ‘HOME’ is a modern-day parable which takes the reader on a journey of intrigue in a rich celebration of the triumph of Spirit.