How to Adopt a Dog – Ana Morton

While many first-time pet owners seek out a pure breed or prefer to buy a dog from a pet store, seasoned dog owners know that it is actually wisest to adopt a dog from a shelter instead. Adopting from a shelter has many advantages, the most rewarding of which is that you are saving a life. Dog owners know that by adopting from a shelter you can be sure that you are getting a healthy dog which has already been screened by medical staff and well taken care of while at the shelter. Shelter dogs are usually already spayed or neutered and vaccinated, which makes the entire adoption process much more cost effective. Whether you are considering adopting a dog in order to save a life or you are looking for a special companion that’s perfectly suited for you, there are many factors to consider which may influence your decision. This book will help you consider your decision to adopt; it will assist you in choosing the breed of dog that will be most suitable for you and your lifestyle; it will guide you through the process of adoption; and it will even offer insight into how you can train and bond with your new companion.