How to Ask for a Raise: Negotiating Your Salary Increase with Ease and Confidence to Get the Raise You Want and Deserve – Geoffrey Wright

Asking your boss for a raise can be a stressful and awkward situation, especially if you approach it unprepared and under-confident. Since time immemorial, the issue of money has been an uncomfortable one, and asking your boss for a raise is certainly no exception. With that said, it’s important to overcome any anxiety you may have about asking for a raise because if you don’t ask – simply put – you will not receive. You are a loyal employee, working hard and achieving results for your company; so why not request (and receive) the pay that you deserve? Not to worry. In this book, you will learn about the right way of broaching the subject of a pay increase to your boss, various techniques on salary negotiations, determining your market value, and most importantly, WHY you deserve a raise! Read on, and let this book be your guide to netting the pay increase that you want and deserve.