How to Astral Project The Essential Astral Projection Guide to Navigate an OBE Using Safe Astral Projection Techniques (Astral Travel | Astral Projection For Beginners) – Allison Kinterelli

Astral Projection (AP), or Out of Body Experience (OBE), is no hoax, sham or ritual of the occult. It is by no means supernatural and, in fact, is as natural as breathing or living itself. It’s a real practice, originating at similar times across civilizations – dating back to times immemorial – without any contact between them, or joint efforts to develop such skills. It can be found in works of Ancient Greece, hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt (as the movement of the Kha), Hindu lore and Buddhist practices of the Pure-Land, and has been extensively chronicled by practitioners all over the world, including near death experiences recorded by medical personnel. It’s a universal phenomenon that hundreds of thousands, if not more, have experienced and made a part of their daily lives; and countless more have taken part without even fully realizing it. This guide hasn’t been written to convert non-believers though. Instead, I present to you the purest form of the scientific method: experimentation through experience. I hand you the means to unlock this phenomenon, cultivate and control it, and make up your own mind about its truths. If nothing else, the meditative requirements for AP will dramatically improve your physical and mental well-being. When you do experience your first OBE, as I know you will, it will unlock pathways to other realities, worlds and dimensions, and will expand your knowledge of yourself and the universe you inhabit like nothing before. So are you ready to take the last steps of your old life and the first baby steps into a universe so vast that it boggles the mind? Are you ready to enter a state that will reflect just how narrow your understanding of life has been up to this point? Let’s get started!