How To Be Interesting: Simple Methods To Be Thought Of As Incredibly Interesting By Everyone You Meet – Martin Shires

Do you want to become the most interesting person in the room?

You are about to discover how to make anyone you speak to instantly see you as incredibly interesting.
You will learn simple tips that can immediately be put into use in your day-to-day interactions.
If you don’t want to come across as boring anymore then read this book and you will quickly learn:
How to talk so that people will never think of you as dull or boring.
How to improve your conversations.
Secrets to having a conversation that will make the other person see you as incredibly interesting.
Improve your communication skills so that the conversations you have are thought of as much more interesting by those you speak to.
Resources you can access on your phone or tablet that will give you a vast body of conversation fodder.
Why getting up earlier each day can make you a more interesting person.
Learn why simply using a person’s name will make you more interesting to them. Plus learn 3 different memory techniques that will make sure you never forget a person’s name again.
How on your next lunch break you can make a minor change that will make you incredibly interesting to your co-workers.
Learn why the way you make someone feel whilst talking to them can actually dramatically increase how interesting they think you are. And much more!