How to Become a Chef – Brandon Fiore

Because of the relentlessly-demanding nature of the culinary industry, you must first be honest with yourself and make sure you’re truly passionate about cooking. If you don’t have a real passion for what you should be viewing as an art (culinary art), you’ll quickly become frustrated along the journey, which will seriously hamper your chances of career advancement. But if you are indeed passionate about cuisine, then becoming a chef may seem like a natural step for you to formalize your culinary interest and turn it into a rewarding career. Besides your undying passion there is the very real possibility of a great salary that you’d earn doing what you love, a great opportunity for career advancement and very positive job-growth projections.

You can very easily become overwhelmed with the seemingly endless requirements you’re expected to fulfill in the quest of becoming a qualified chef, and that’s exactly why this book was written: to clarify the path. Learn exactly where and how to get started, the cost and time commitment requirements, how to overcome challenges (such as the lack of adequate funds to finance your culinary schooling), where to get a job once suitably qualified, and how to advance in your culinary career and move up the ladder – assuming your ambition is to soon become an executive (head) chef.