How to Become a Police Officer – Gregory P. Smith

Being a police officer is an incredibly important service to society. Every day, police men and women put their own lives at risk in order to keep the citizens of this nation safe. Law enforcement is one of the three major components of the criminal justice system in the United States, the other two being the courts and the correction facilities. As the common name of the profession suggests, the job is to ensure effective enforcement of the law and to strive to maintain balance and security in the country. Depending on the post to which a police officer is assigned, his or her job would range from protecting local citizens from public disturbances to investigating and finding solutions to national security threats. The government makes it a point to employ only those who are best-suited for the job and are able to maintain the integrity of the profession. This is why the process of becoming a police officer is subject to a stringent application and selection process. Every requirement asked of you when you apply to become a police officer is intended to prove that you are competent and that you possess the right credentials and attitude towards law enforcement. Don’t be daunted by the thought of the application process though. This book is designed to prepare you for the process of becoming a police officer and starting your career in law enforcement.