How to Choose a Career – Gary Williams

In an ideal world, you would be able to make money just going about your normal day and doing what you love to do. Believe it or not, for a select few, it’s just that easy. But for the rest of us, figuring out how to align our financial goals with our personal preferences requires a lot of thinking and reflection. Unfortunately, an individual’s crystal clear sense of professional purpose and mission can’t be summoned at will. You’re probably here reading this now because you’re entirely unsure of which career path to take. If you’re already employed, maybe all you know is that you want out of your current job. Perhaps the pay is too low, or your work environment is too high pressure, too political, or just not challenging enough. And if you’re young and just starting out, you’re probably choosing a career for the first time and simply don’t know where to begin. This book is designed to walk you through a self-assessment experience that will help you determine the career path that’s right for you.