How to Choose a Major: An Essential Guide to Choosing a Major in College – Patrick Haas

Choosing a college major can seem like a daunting task. For many students, this choice represents the first concrete decision that will shape their future careers. Additionally, your choice of major will go a long way towards defining the nature of your experience in college. Are you going to be spending countless hours in a lab, in a studio, or at the library between the pages of a book? Are you going to be embraced by the job market with open arms, or might you have to struggle to find work? Needless to say, choosing which major to pursue can seem like a very high-pressure decision.

For a decision such as this, since there isn’t one “right” answer, all you can really do is put in the time and the effort to make the best choice possible. There are many ways to do this, including soliciting meaningful feedback from your mentors, assessing your aptitude in various areas, and getting some hands-on experience in the fields that interest you. The good news is that even though choosing a college major is an important decision, one that should be approached with a great deal of thoughtfulness and reflection, it doesn’t have to stress you out. In this book, I’m going to walk you through a calm, organized, and sensible step-by-step process of to help you choose the best major for you.