How to Control Anger – Jeremiah Stevens

No matter how ugly anger looks or feels, keep in mind that it’s a perfectly valid feeling and a natural part of life, just like any other emotion. Simply put, there are things in this world that will make you unhappy to the point of being angry. It’s how you express the emotion of anger, however, that can be deemed “appropriate” or “inappropriate.” As you’re probably already aware, when you allow any emotion to get the best of you, you end up unnecessarily harming yourself and the people around you. If you regularly find yourself in fits of rage, then it’s time you learn a more productive way of dealing with your anger. This book is designed to provide you with effective strategies to help you understand and effectively manage anger. By first understanding what makes you angry, and to what extent, you will be better prepared to address the potential triggers before the anger actually manifests itself. Beyond that, when you do become angry and start to lose your temper, this book offers several strategies for how to manage that rage in a constructive, rather than destructive, way. And finally, you will learn how to effectively assert yourself to others despite having negative sentiments. Keep in mind as you read this book that anger management isn’t only about controlling your anger, but it’s also about changing your perspective to see things from a more accepting, forgiving, and humorous point of view. So if you’re ready to finally be in control of how you view certain situations and how you express your negative feelings, let’s get started today!