How to Create a Budget: An Essential Guide to Making a Budget to Track Income and Control Expenses – Allison Wise

Are you a “one day millionaire” every payday? One day millionaires are folks who feel they can splurge on anything and everything on the day they get their pay check. But then after a few days, they find themselves broke and needing to scrimp on what’s left, barely making ends meet until the next pay check comes. Even if you aren’t this way, you probably know at least a few that are. Most of us are more mindful of our expenses and try to be careful with our purchases. But the thing is, sometimes we still find ourselves asking where the money went, and how we can make what’s left last. I’ve been that way too for many paydays in the past, until I started using the budgeting tips I am sharing with you in this book. I’m going to show you how to assess your monthly income and expenses, and how to use that to create a budget that you can easily follow (and even tweak a bit if you need extra spending money). You will learn how to create long term and short term financial goals in order to get out of the cycle of overspending which will result in a growing savings or investment account. So if you’re ready to ensure that you and your family will have a healthy financial future.