How to Get Famous on YouTube – Jonathan Meyers

The explosive growth in the use of video-sharing technology such as YouTube has opened up a world of opportunities for people seeking to fast-track their path to stardom and fame. Between all the curious cat videos and clever stunts gone horribly wrong (epic fails), exists a platform for just about anybody to showcase what talent and skill they have to offer and get discovered. Through YouTube, the world is effectively always watching, and YouTube brings a whole new dimension to the power of the six-degrees-of-separation concept. Whether you’re the next best singer waiting to be discovered (a certain Justin Bieber comes to mind), you have an above-average athletic ability in your chosen sporting code, you want to kick-start or advance your acting career, or just about anything else really, you have direct access to one of the most powerful platforms to catapult you to super-stardom. It’s one thing, however, knowing about the existence of YouTube and how to use it on a basic, technical level, but if your objective is to get discovered, gain popularity, and become famous, there is a special way of using YouTube and a special approach to deploying YouTube, both of which are extensively covered in this book.