How to Improve Self Confidence and Overcome Insecurity – Beth Forniza

Everyone feels insecure about themselves at some point or another, whether it’s concerning appearance, character, skills, or abilities. But living in a world with hundreds and thousands of people with equal, if not better, credentials than you, having that added sense of confidence would mean standing out from the rest, which would score you better job opportunities, relationships, and so much more. Although there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert, letting go of your insecurities and opening yourself up to the world can bring so much more to your life. In this book, you will first learn to address your basic outward image issues. Then we move on to identifying and confronting your deeper fears and hidden insecurities. It’s important to know going into this that all of your insecurities – both internal and external – can be effectively dealt with, and that by tackling them from both sides, you stand a better chance of overcoming them altogether. So if you’re ready to live your life with confidence and ease, always at the ready to show the world what you’re all about, then let’s get started!