How to lie con cheat your way up the corporate ladder – Jerry C

Evil practice in the workplace may be unavoidable. This book provides revealing insights into “evil” workplace tactics and an in-depth analysis of why people can get away with such practices. Despite the title, it is meant to serve as a defensive guide to help people identify and deal with unfair workplace practices. The content is presented in a logical and humorous way to deal with the sensitive nature of the topics.
This book explains why the way to success can be contrary to common sense. While hard work is often the main reason for success, there are people who take advantage of the hard work of others as a short cut for their success. By revealing their methods and tactics. the author hopes to raise awareness of such practices and encourage readers to flag out behaviors that lead to organization dysfunctionality.
The author has used the content in this book to help the management of many organizations appreciate the complexity of managing employee performance. It explains how the good intentions of management can turn into bad practices, and why good intentions can cause employees to behave inappropriately.
Whether you are a fresh graduate waiting to get into the workplace, an experienced professional, middle management, or senior management of an organization, you will find the content of this book refreshing and thought-provoking.