How to Persuade People: A Guide to Using Persuasion Techniques and Other Psychological Manipulation Techniques to Get What You Want – Grady Roche

The ability to influence others is more than a useful skill, it’s almost a guarantee for success in life. Of course, what you try to influence others to do matters too, but it’s a given that even criminal minds and junkies make others do their bidding using a practiced ability to persuade other people. Let’s assume for now that your intent to influence and persuade others is honorable. Say you want to persuade a hard-headed relative to go see a doctor for his own good. Or, you want to convince a friend to go back to college. Or perhaps, you want a potential customer to make a purchase now before the price increase takes effect.

The good news is that the techniques used by master salesmen and successful politicians alike can be learned and used to benefit others and of course, yourself. It doesn’t involve voodoo or complicated mind tricks, although it does include a basic understanding of the way the mind works. In this book, I will show you how to gauge a person’s preferences and figure out how they respond to suggestions. I will then show you how to use that knowledge to choose the right words and gestures that will help you get the responses you want. Ready to be an influencer?