How to Survive a Breakup – by Marco Cantoni

As long as there are romantic relationships in this world, there will be breakups. In our all-consuming quest to find the right person to love and spend our lives with, it’s inevitable that we’ll have to deal with breakups along the way. It is but a natural part of the process of finding the perfect partner that you will encounter people who you think will be with you forever, only to find later that that is not the case. This book will teach you how to survive the painful experience of walking away from a person you have come to depend on and ending a relationship you have learned to love. “Breaking up is hard to do,” so goes a popular song, but for some people, surviving the parting of ways is even harder, and knowing how to handle this situation may spell the difference between getting back on track and not getting up at all. So if you’re ready to pull yourself together and move on with your life in a positive direction, then let’s get started!