How to Talk Dirty – Beau Malloney

Dirty talk is such an effective way of spicing up a relationship precisely because it has nothing to do with respect. Quite the contrary, in fact, that’s exactly why it pushes couples into new territories. While respect may work for copulation, sex is supposed to be hot and heavy — it’s about engorged passions and maddening lust, about liberation and experimentation rather than tradition and values. Unfortunately, most women — even those who are passionately, madly, and deeply in love with their men — are uneasy about talking dirty, or just plain not very good at it. That’s where this book comes in to help. Talking dirty to your man is about uncovering and expressing your own sexual feelings, telling him your thoughts at that very moment, guiding him towards what arouses you, and divulging what you want to do to him next or what you want him to do to you. So if you’re ready to learn how to set fire to your romance by unleashing the hot, steamy, and carnal words that your significant other is longing to hear you say, then let’s get started!