How to Use your Credit Rating to put you on the path to Debt Freedom – G.E.S. Boley Jr.

Achieve Real Financial Literacy and Break the Chains of Debt and Poverty Forever!

Aren’t you just sick and tired of not being able to live the life you want? At times of trouble, all the doors seem to be closing in and it seems there isn’t a way out. But I am here to tell you there is always a way and sometimes the way is right in front of you! Armed with the proper financial knowledge, you can lift yourself and your family out of a tough situation or any situation for that matter. So many people are not financially literate in our country, and this book, “How to Use Your Credit Rating To Put You on the Path to Debt Freedom”, will change that fact. I am sharing what I have learned from the importance of credit, to how it is used and rated with agencies so you can make those adjustments in your life. You will find self-funding techniques here, along with tips on how to build a good credit score, get the money you need to self-fund your business or projects and create less stressful conditions in your life. By understanding and following the steps I took and advice given in this book, you can finally live the stress-free life you’ve been dreaming of.

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