How to Write a Love Letter: Putting Your Emotions on Paper, Making Someone Feel Special, and Delivering your Love Letter with Style and Passion – Makayla McCarthy

In this age of advanced computer technology, cell phones, and gadgets, writing love letters can seem outdated or like too much of a burden. But for those of us who do still appreciate the idea of a heartfelt narrative of expressed feelings on paper, we know that it’s one of the best ways for your beloved to feel really special. A love letter written sincerely is the most precious gift you can give your loved one, signifying that you value him/her enough to take time and effort to express your emotions. Keep in mind though that there is an art and a science to writing a good love letter. And that’s what this book is here to help you with. Continue reading to learn how to write the perfect love letter that will knock your beloved’s socks off and leave them yearning to see you again soon!