Hugo’s Inspirational Hat – David Chamorro & Adriana Chamorro

Hugo is a quiet and industrious man who makes hats. He is famous for it in fact, but he is perhaps best known for the hat he made for himself, which is covered in bright flowers and has magical properties. Every day, Hugo’s hat attracts beautiful birds to it and draws the admiring glances of the people of Holtfalls.But not everyone in the town is happy about Hugo’s hat and the wonder it draws. His brother, Paxibra, is envious of Hugo’s fame and decides to make an equally spectacular hat that will rival his brothers’.Before long Paxibra is also sporting a hat which he believes will make him equally famous but soon he realizes something is wrong. The flowers on it always turn black and the hat attracts blackbirds, seen as a bad omen.No matter what Paxibra does, the flowers always wither and die and even swapping hats with Hugo makes no difference. Desperate for adulation he seeks the help of a witch, only to find out that there is something deeper that is amiss, which only a change in his deeds and thoughts can solve.