Hungry Eyes: A Contemporary Novella – Skye Bailey

This is a story about love, hope, and despair. But most especially, it is about finding light through the darkness and never giving up on life.

James has always relied on himself for everything. He paid his way through school by taking crappy, low paying jobs. He always put his all into everything he did and never took anything for granted. But that didn’t matter, he was still laid off. But when one door closes, another opens. Now he had no ties to the ghetto town he lived in. He always wanted to be on his own, free to go wherever the wind took him. He settled himself up in the mountains; clean air, nature, and living off the land. What more could he want? Apparently, a lot more. He didn’t know what he was missing until Esme fell into his arms. But just when he thinks things couldn’t get any better, the unthinkable happens.

“She shouldn’t want this. She shouldn’t be feeling like this. Something about the mountain man seemed familiar to her. He kissed her with passion and desire. He’d kissed her like there was no tomorrow; like he’d been hungry for her.

“Something happened at that moment. He knew he wanted her, this broken woman who’d fallen into his life. Something primal echoed in his heart; like a need to protect her and love her. He never wanted to let her go.”

She wanted to take his pain away. She couldn’t even begin to imagine how much this poor man had suffered. If she had to be Esme for him to find some peace and move on…She would be his Esme…