I Don’t Want To Sleep – A Lovely bedtime story for little boys and girls to fight their fear of the dark!: A Children’s Picture Preschool Book for Kids Ages 3-5 years and above – Elisa Anderson

Are your kids scared of the Dark? Are they ready to face their fears? This is the bedtime story book you want to read to them!
***A Note to Parents***:
To combat a fear one must face that fear!
It is the only way to make it look ordinary once one can overcome his or her self and look it in the eye!
In this colorful picture book, there are many situations illustrated which depict what many children experience when they are faced with their fear of the dark (darkness, shadows etc.)
This cannot be helped as in order to make a serious book about defeating monsters, monsters at some point will have to be drawn or illustrated.
The beauty of the story is that, like every other children’s story, Good and Light will always triumph over Bad and Evil and this bedtime story book for children aged 3 – 5 years and above is no different!
If you feel your child will not be comfortable reading this book because they may find it scary, then make the effort not to read it to them.
If however, you believe your child has what it takes to read this book and fight their way through the pages, then the reward of conquering their fear of the dark awaits them at the end of this Book.

This is a story about a little girl who recounts the fears she faces as she goes to bed at night. Her imagination takes over and she gets so scared that she can’t wait for the day to come. But the day is still far off and her fears are still here.
What does she do?
Will she ever realize that she’s the one in control of her thoughts and they’re not the boss of her?
Can she imagine her fears away?
Find out in this children’s bedtime story to help kids overcome their fears of sleeping in the dark and help kids sleep.

Have your kids to join a little girl on her journey to conquer her fear of the dark
This book will inspire your kids to fight their fears of the night after they have joined our little heroine on her quest to fight away her bedtime fears. With colorful illustrations, your kids will be drawn into the mind of a little girl who’s a lot like them and feel her fears, her determination to overcome them and her joy at triumph.

Night-time fears are real for many kids all because of their wild little imaginations
It’s a fact! Almost all kids are scared of the dark. It’s because their minds run wild with crazy sorts of ideas like when the Bogey Man will come and how many monsters are locked up in the closet.
All that’s needed to overcome these fears is to re-set the source which is…
Your kid’s imaginations!
Yes! The source of their fears could be tweaked to be the source of their joy. All they need to do is to think happy thoughts and soon, they too will be able to imagine their fears away like the little girl in this bedtime story.
To show them how, get this book on your kindle and make brave lads and lasses of your little darlings!