I Love to Snort – Ziad Sawi MD

Addictions: Discover A Unique Book that is not Boring, Preachy or Judgmental

Discover the real-life description of the gradual fall into cocaine addiction as narrated by the eagle eye of an addiction specialist. Written in an easy-to-read, story-telling style, so you can develop awareness of the challenging times in the addiction journey ahead. I Love to Snort is a clever book by Dr. Ziad Sawi MD, it will help you learn how to prevent the negative effects of addictions and reclaim your life. Get your copy today.

Here’s what you will love about this book:

What’s an addiction, anyway? Here’s how it all gets started.
Observe the subtle and gradual onset of cocaine addiction.
Written in the first person and in a light-hearted and humorous style for dramatic effect.
Though fictional, the main character is a composite of many different people Dr. Ziad Sawi has come to know over the years.
You’ll find valuable medical information strategically shared through the book.
Learn guided meditation/self-hypnosis session included at the end of the book.
And much more!

I Love to Snort: An Addiction Specialist’s Description of the Gradual Fall into Cocaine Addiction and the Battle to Return to Sobriety

See how a simple mindset shift can change your entire life. Get down-to-earth advice and insights through reading the story and start living life the way you have always wanted. Read a book that’s professional, enlightening, and entertaining.

Are you ready?