IBS Treatment Self-Help: Discover How to Effectively Treat IBS ~ An Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment Guide – Glenda Armstrong

Do you frequently experience bouts of abdominal pains? Many people simply dismiss upset stomachs or abdominal pain, blaming a specific food that their “tummy didn’t agree with”. But when the pains are coupled with either diarrhea or constipation, it likely means a more serious condition. Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS is a common ailment that doesn’t always choose the right time and place, making the condition even more “irritating” than the name suggests. Some are driven to seek relief by altogether reducing their food intake thus relieving their intestines from fullness. They think that decreasing the number or frequency of bowel movements will prevent the irritation of the intestines. But what’s a better way to deal with IBS? How do you properly manage its symptoms and prevent recurrence? That’s exactly what this book is designed to help explain. I’m going to give you plenty of easy-to-understand information, including tips to help you manage your episodes of IBS. I’ve even included a section on what to expect when you consult your doctor, what medical treatments are available, and what lifestyle changes you can carry out on your own to limit or prevent the recurrence of IBS. Let’s get started now so you can tackle this problem sooner rather than later!