Identity Theft Protection: How to Prevent Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud – J.P. Cross

Approximately nine million people in the U.S. become victims of identity theft every year. Identity theft happens when the personal information of an individual, such as their name, address, phone number, Social Security number, and financial account information is obtained and used by another person in order to commit crimes. Using the stolen identity, the thief can open up lines of credit, purchase a car, take out a mortgage, and acquire credit cards to use for shopping. In the case of credit card fraud (the most common type of crime related to identity theft), the thief uses a person’s credit card information to make purchases, including gadgets, clothes, plane tickets, cars, houses, and everything that the credit limit will allow. And in today’s digital world, cases of identity theft and credit card fraud have increased exponentially. Many people today make most of their transactions online, and without the necessary safety measures concerning the use of the internet. Sensitive information such as PIN codes, passwords, bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, and credit card information can easily be accessed and stolen. The good news is that identity theft can be prevented, and there are things that you can actively do to protect yourself. This book will divulge everything you need to know in order to prevent thieves from gaining access to your personal information and using it to commit fraud and other crimes. And if you suspect that your identity has already been stolen, this book can help, as it also includes useful information on what you can do about it.