Immoral Obsession – Theresa Papa

A suspenseful psychological page-turner with a sexy romance on the side.
Action and adventure are generously sprinkled in as our strong heroine fights for her freedom and all the things she holds dear.

Elizabeth Pope is being hunted as a pawn in a sick online game.

As a child, Elizabeth’s own mother didn’t even care enough to save her from abusers. Now, she’s old enough to seek revenge on the game’s creator, the criminal most responsible for her woes.
Brave and resilient, she tries to deal with the situation alone. But Tony might be her only hope. Strong. Capable. Reliable. He’s going to protect her even if it means giving up his own life.
As Elizabeth and Tony reconnect, the game’s players hijack their destiny. Can she maneuver through the trauma of facing her past transgressor? Or will she risk it all to get her retribution on the monster that otherwise will never leave her alone?

The story continues in Book 3: Reckless Obsession.