In Human Form – David Kubicek

A house fire leaves Wendy Konicka in a coma. When she awakes in the home of local businessman Jared Parker and his wife Lyn, her memory is gone. The man she’d thought was her father died in the fire, but she remembers nothing of him. As she recovers, Wendy realizes that she’s different from her friends. She longs to fit in, but as hard as she tries, she can’t hide her strangeness. What Wendy’s friends don’t know, and what Wendy doesn’t remember, is that she is an android built by a marooned alien. But the accident and the strange things that happen around Wendy have exposed her secret. And her struggle for acceptance soon turns deadly when ruthless millionaire UFO hunter Earl Vaughn comes to town determined to cash in on the greatest scientific discovery in a millennium.