IN MY HEAD: Sometimes all you need is a thought – Aashil Nagori

“IN MY HEAD” talks about various emotions people go through in their everyday lives, but no one ever gives a thought about it. Each chapter shows a different emotion and here is a glimpse of what every chapter talks about.
1) Lost in the amazon jungle- The more you try to run away from the jungle, the more dangerous it gets.
2) The prisoner in your soul- All he was hungry for was one smile ..
3) The car in my zone- Your heart is like a google map
4) My evil brother- Angels vs Demons
5) Ripples- Every drop adds to the pond of sadness
6) Hope- A better tomorrow

The underrated power of thoughts is beautifully expressed through various elements which every lost soul can connect to. Get ready to dive into your own world, this journey has up and downs but if you found the answer to your happiness at the end of this book, then you have conquered the world !