Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Cookbook for Beginners: 5-Ingredient Instant Pot Recipes – 80 Simple, Quick, Easy, and Healthy Recipes – Lesley Owens

“In this book, I will feature the advantages of using a pressure cooker and a few tips that will assist you with maximizing the pressure cooker if you own one. Every recipe includes serving quantity, prep time, cook time, an easy-to-follow Ingredients: listing, preparation instructions, images, and nutritional information on a per-serving basis. The recipes are divided into various segments to cater to the diverse needs of cooks and people that are enthusiastic about cooking. The recipe covers a great deal of stuff and caters to readers in the areas below:

80 easy, efficient and straight-forward Instant Pot recipes for novices and professionals
5-ingredient well-tried recipes
The basics of an Instant Pot and its usage
Breakfast recipes
Beans & grains recipes
Soups & stew recipes
Meat & poultry recipes for both of you to enjoy
Seafood recipes for romantic dinners
Vegetable recipes
Sauces recipes
Desserts recipes

The time the Instant Pot gives back to people, not to mention the hands-off convenience, is a massive part of why it’s been such a revelation for home cooks everywhere.

Cooking for two is much easier than cooking for a crowd or even a small family—especially with an Instant Pot. The more people you cook for, the more factors you need to fight with—who had a late snack, who skipped lunch, or who’s feeling wiped out—not to mention all the food likes and dislikes. Yet, with two, once you know your appetites, it’s a breeze to cook precisely the right amount of food. No leftovers, unless you want them. These recipes are portioned for two servings each and were selected to ensure they were as low in sodium and Carbs: as possible.

Keep in mind that this book isn’t intended to be the final word when it comes to Instant Pot recipes; instead, it should be thought of more as a blueprint for the possibilities that are available thanks to the Instant Pot cooker. Retire your old way of cooking and allow the Instant Pot to help you cook healthy even with your busy day-to-day schedule. There’s a little something for everyone, so pick a recipe to get started. Every effort was made to guarantee it is loaded with; however, much valuable data as could be expected; please enjoy!”