Iron Spires over the White City – Joseph Rollins

Iron Spires over the White City is the debut novel for up-and-coming author Joseph Rollins. It is an exciting blend of alternate history and science fiction set in the Victorian era with an unforgettable cast of characters.

From the back cover: The American Revolution never happened. Armies wage war with steam-powered tanks, zeppelins, and a host of mechanized beasts. The British Empire dominates the globe, planting colonies and controlling nations and resources. Now, in the time of Queen Victoria, England struggles with a growing global Resistance movement.
A British colonial family is caught in the crosshairs when one of their own, Anne Goulden, is kidnapped by South American Resistance forces. Her brother Edward, his wife, and her cousin travel to Cartagena to search for Anne and find out why the local magistrate closed the investigation and declared Anne dead.
Edward and his family follow their sister’s trail deep into the South American rainforest. There, an epic showdown awaits with a fleet of British battleships, a Resistance army, and a cast of imaginative characters.