Ironman Triathlon Training in 6 Weeks: The Ultimate Training Program for your First Ironman Triathlon – Kylie Palombella

This eBook brings you a 6-week Ironman Triathlon training program that has been used successfully by many people training to become an Ironman. The information is presented in a format that it easy to read and understand, divided into weeks, with recommended exercises described day by day. By the time you get to the last week, you will be ready to become an Ironman. Ironman Triathletes typically train for far longer than 6 weeks to succeed, so it’s important to note that we have compressed as much training as possible into this timeframe, with the assumption that you have already been training and exercising regularly. Be warned that this program is quite rigorous, and not for the fainthearted. It is not designed for a complete couch potato or heavy junk food eater. If you have been lazing around, you may need to train for 20 weeks, possibly even longer, in order to complete the Ironman successfully. If that describes you, then go get to work, and come back to read this book in a few more months when you’re ready to get serious. But for those who are ready now: Happy reading and steadfast training, you soon-to-be Ironman!