Kathleen Rao – Kathleen Rao

Aromatherapy is increasingly growing in popularity for enhanced psychological and physical health. It involves the use of natural oils extracted from different parts of plants including seeds, flowers, bark, roots and fruits. The extracts are used to treat various mental and physical conditions such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and infections among other things. It is believed that these extracts, otherwise known as “essential oils,” are prepared to work harmoniously with the body thus bringing about desired improvements. The use of essential oils dates back to thousands of years and researchers are in agreement that the art of aromatherapy cannot be ignored when it comes to holistic healing. There are different types of essential oils available today and each of them is formulated to deal with specific issues, something you should understand before resulting to aromatherapy. This book is your complete guide to the specific health benefits of 35 of the finest essential oils, including how to best use them in the practice of aromatherapy.