Keto Fat Bombs: Fifty Low Carb Fat Bombs, Cakes, and Cookies to Satisfy Your Hunger – Karla Bro

“Do you want to boost your energy and satisfy your hunger?
Are you bored with ordinary keto recipes and need new ideas?
Want to know what a keto fat bomb is?
Want to know how to eat a little and feel full for a long time?
When I get bored with the selection of food I’ve been eating, I go to keto recipes to look for something new or make some fat bombs.
What are fat bombs?
A fat bomb is referred to by keto dieters as a high-energy snack, treat, or dessert.
Some even consume fat bombs as a pre-workout energy booster. Fat bombs are typically made with ingredients such as coconut oil or nut kinds of butter, cocoa powder, cream cheese or avocado. They are high in fat and low in carbohydrates.
Inside, you will get:
50 Mouthwatering fat-bomb recipes
Step-by-step guides
nutritional information for all recipes”