Lacey’s Law – L.A. Moore

Lacey is your average teen girl until she meets Marcus online. A young teen boy, who captures her heart. Her first real crush, and she is head over heels. But something doesn’t seem right. Months into their online relationship, Marcus becomes creepy, and Lacey thinks he is hiding something from her. She breaks things off with him and tells her parents about him. However, Marcus isn’t ready to let her go.

Marcus is hiding something. He is Brandon Dyer. He is twenty. And he is stalking Lacey.

When Lacey ignores his messages, he waits for the perfect moment to take what he wants.

After the assault, Lacey finds herself pregnant and in a battle no seventeen-year-old should ever have to face. Lacey discovers the only way she can have an abortion is with her assailant’s permission. Set on changing the law, she takes on the legal system to change things not only for herself but others as well.

However, Brandon hires his own lawyer. He uses their online chats to prove they were dating. Not only does he block her attempt to get an abortion, he files for custody of their unborn child.

Left with no other option, Lacey must fight to keep her child out of the hands of a monster.

Who will win on lone teenager with the weight of the country on her or a stalker and crazy attacker, hell bent on making her life miserable?