Layman’s Handbook – Aidan Mc Nally

A follow on to the memoirs of Aidan Mc Nally, Two sons TOO many, 17 & Life. This new book is a closer look at what and how the author continues to live and how he has found “a journey to SELF”.
Scenarios and simple techniques to practice breathing and meditation along with a look at the simple situations and scenarios we can all face in day to day life.

Aidan has dragged himself through some very harrowing experiences in his own life and now he pens the tool book, guidebook, the Handbook to share with us how he has found a path to a contentment in life.
Layman’s Handbook, in life. Simple tools to change how we live, (A journey to SELF) is available in paperback and ebook on 10/10/2019.

Life can be very tough as the author has explained to us in his previous books, there is great hope and insight into what can turn a bad day in to a good day. Using some of the simple techniques advised by the author are a great boost to our life and Aidan shows us today how he lives.
Self help is after all as the author so simply puts it “helping self” are what work and works well as he is “living proof”