Leann’s Victory – Renee Kinlaw

Cade had learned as a young boy not to trust anyone. Anyone, that was except Leann. She was the one person he could count on. He never doubted for a moment her love and loyalty. Everything he has done for the past three years has been to repay her for all she has given him. Leann’s illness, however, sends him into a tailspin, twirling everything he thought he knew into chaos. Her past overwhelms him and sends him searching for the truth.

Graham had loved Leann first. She had been his world, long before Cade came into the picture. He had vowed to love her forever. Would he tell Cade the truth or would he keep Leann’s secret? Would sharing what he knew set Leann free to finally gain the victory over her past?

Cade’s search for the truth carries him from the small resort community of Crystal Lake, North Carolina, to the sunny shores of Palm Island, South Carolina. Unaware of the God who is leading him in his journey, Cade discovers the incredible price of Leann’s Victory.