Learn Me Goodest – John Pearson

First there was Learn Me Good, the (sort of, kind of, mostly) true story about a first year teacher learning the ropes. Next came Learn Me Gooder, the story of an experienced teacher who should know better making first-year teacher mistakes. Now, as the third book in the series, Learn Me Goodest enshrines the series alongside beloved and revered trilogies like Star Wars, The Godfather, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Jack Woodson, the engineer-turned-teacher (and future Dancing with the Stars champion), is back for another school year’s worth of emails with his pal and former colleague, Fred Bommerson. Join Jack as he navigates the tricky maze of overly-distracted students, administrators with bullhorns, and a wife dealing with her own classroom situations.

Can he convince the class hypochondriac that the school is not crawling with Ebola? Will he live up to the expectations of the crotchety old man inhabiting the body of one of his students? Are there any special benefits to be received from the self-proclaimed “Mayor of Pizza Town” in his homeroom? With subject lines including, “Here Comes Money Boo Boo,” “Snakes on an Inclined Plane,” and “The Seven Habits of Highly Infectious People,” Learn Me Goodest will have you laughing with each new chapter.