Learn to Read : The Snowman – A Learn to Read Book for Kids 3-5 – Happy Books

Teach your kids to read any book by exposing them to the words in this early readers book
This is Book 21 of the Series Learn to Read Happy Bird .
The words used to tell the intriguing story in this interactive book for children, are part of the 100 most common sight words found in books and mastery of these words by your kids will encourage early reading and help them to recognize words more.

The list of common sight words used in this interactive eBook includes:
and, be, by, for, he, him, have, is, it , not, on, of, out, so. to, the, this,there,with, what

This interactive eBook tells of a story where Bird meets the adorable Snowman!
Bird is happy as usual when show starts to fall from the sky!
Just as he is about to dive into the snow, he bumps into a Snowman!
What fun things will Bird and the Snowman do together?
Let your kids find out in this interactive eBook filled with lots of interesting pictures for them to see to and enjoy.