Learn to Read : We Are The Same – An engaging Sight Words moral story with a song about Diversityt – Happy Books

Show your kids that true friendship starts from the heart and is not skin deep, with this book’s tale
We can all be friends no matter how different we are! That is the morale behind the story in this children’s story.
This point is further buttressed by the lyrics of the catchy tune that comes with this book which is freely available as a video on YouTube with lyrics and word pointers to aid the little ones follow the words and sing the song!
This captivating story book will show that friendship can exist in diversity and all it takes is the decision to freely accept one another.

The story starts with Joe who is a worm looking for a playmate. He checks around for one but meets a very unusual volunteer.
Will he focus on the differences they have or will he over come those differences and make a new friend?
Read this book to find out!