Legacy of Darkness: The Mistress Trilogy Plus – Dai Fuse

Magic is inherent, and heroes are made. But so are villains.

Glendolyn Guillem never knew she was special until her dormant magic was unleashed to protect her friends.

But the magic within her couldn’t be controlled or contained.

Enter a magical talking cat, who claims to have a tight connection to Glendolyn, teaches her to master the abilities and maybe settle for a job.

During an ordinary trip on a date with a fellow officer, she stumbles upon an empty, dark museum in the middle of the city. Glendolyn discovers cloaked individuals who somehow have targeted her. They vanish before she can get her answers.

Refusing to stand by and ignore it like everyone else, she dives into an increasingly dangerous plot to uncover the reasons behind their pursuit as well as the truth behind her magic.

But doing so may uncover an uncomfortable truth that could lead to the end of the world. If that were to happen, then Glendolyn’s dream of living a normal life will never come true.

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This omnibus includes Undercover Mistress (Volume 1), Company Conspiracy (Volume 2), Sapphire Eyes (Volume 3), Agnes Edition, the Mature Edition short story plus character data, spell list, and illustrations.