Lessons from Famous Philosophers – Nicolas Peterson

Philosophy comes from the Greek words philo (love of) and sophia (wisdom). It was — and still is — an attempt to understand as much as one can about the world, a holistic approach toward knowledge. It was only during the industrial revolution that we began to put scientists, researchers, and mechanics on one side, and philosophers on the other. In so doing, we placed a great divide between information associated with science and math, and the knowledge associated with experience, morality, conduct, and the spiritual world. We therefore have an unflattering view of today’s philosophers, as many are considered religious nuts or morality freaks. But this is unfair. Since Philosophy is an attempt to create a rational understanding of the world, it still has immense practical value — especially since there’s still a lot we don’t know. The greatest philosophers were those who challenged existing norms, and in so doing, changed the world. This book was written to help you get to know some of the great Greek philosophers who made the Western World what it is today. We’ll begin with pre-Socratic philosophy, then move on to classical philosophy which continues to shape our modern world. This book will also explain how some of the great philosophers thought, so you can better understand the philosophical mindset and apply it in your own life.