Lessons Learned from The Path Less Traveled Volume 1: Get motivated & overcome obstacles with courage, confidence & self-discipline – Zero Dean

From the author of “Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s fine. It’s not their journey to make sense of. It’s yours.” comes a book featuring approximately 400 potentially life-changing lessons for men & women of all ages.

The contents of this book — some of which has been enjoyed by millions online — represent nearly a decade of lessons the author learned from actual life experiences along the path less traveled.

There is no filler here. From page 1 to page 350, everything in this book was written & included with the potential value it may add to reader’s lives in mind.

This book is packed with pages of encouragement, food for thought, reminders, and strategies to help readers cope with and overcome life’s challenges.


Find motivation & take action.
Overcome challenges & obstacles.
Develop discipline.
Boost your confidence.
Immunize against criticism.
Expand your awareness.
Increase your resilience.
Manage your time better.
Deal with discomfort.
Reduce stress.
Ensure you are on the right path.
Discover what makes you happy.
Live a meaningful life.
Protect against manipulation.
Nurture your relationships.
Face your fears.
Save your life.


Feeling lost, down, or looking for motivation & encouragement?
Struggling, unsure of yourself, or dealing with self-doubt?
Looking for a little more meaning or direction in your life?

Are you an empath, artist, or creative person? An out-of-the-box or independent thinker? Do you refuse not to care? Do you believe kindness & integrity matters?

I wrote this book for you.

Lessons can be read in any order from any page.

Lessons take anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes to read. Read whenever you want & choose only what you have time for.


“Anger and hate dig holes. Love and kindness move mountains. Choose your motivation wisely.”
“Don’t let your life goals fall victim to the allure of comfortable routines.”
“Every time you change something unique about yourself in order to be just like someone else, a piece of the best part of you dies.”
“If you want more kindness in the world, put some there.”
“Healthy habits harbor happiness.”

Written in a friendly, easy-to-understand fashion, this book features approximately 400 lessons for men & woman of all ages and will be especially valuable to anyone currently on or considering an unconventional or challenging path in life.