“Let Go & Live Through!” – M.J.Schwer

•Perhaps you’ve been battered and bruised, possibly betrayed by a close friend, employer, significant other, or spouse.

•Perhaps you unexpectedly lost your job and the future looks uncertain.

• Have you lost a loved one and you’re having a hard time being able to cope?

•Your thoughts constantly torment you, as past mistakes heckle at your abilities, and diminish your self-worth. Have you experienced your self-esteem plummeting? Do you look in the mirror not recognizing your best self anymore? Have you have forgotten who you once were.?

The confidence you once had, has been battered on the rocks of hardship and drowned in difficulty. Many times, going through brokenness and unexpected events hits us hard just where it hurts the most: – our mind, will ,and emotions.

I know, because over the last decade or so of my life, I have experienced all of it first-hand.

I can tell you this, you have the ability deep inside you to:

Let Go of the pain, relentless mental gremlins, the brokenness, the emotional turbulence, the heartache betrayal leaves behind; and you can Live Through to a life lived forward. Learn to embrace brokenness and hardship.

Live Through it… and conquer it!

You know your capabilities, but you have been crushed

This book will help you rise above and even reach out!

•You will learn a new kind of persistence. and have the mental. and emotional tools to live above. and beyond toxic shame.
• Live Through your trials and troubles by learning a new kind of perseverance. as you search for your personal significance in this life.
•You will know what it takes to move beyond brokenness, become restored to a better and new you and live forward to your best life yet.

No shortcuts, no five-step programs, no hype, no following charismatic “gurus” or leaders of self-help seminars…

This book is practical guidance which will take some motivational and mental work on your part and practice.

Join me on the journey…it will change your life!